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At the event, Steven Nathenson’s dynamic persona as an extraordinary leader was honoured.

At the event, Steven Nathenson’s dynamic persona as an extraordinary leader was honoured.

Unified Brainz celebrated the glorious careers of prominent leaders from around the globe, leading by example with resilience, diligence, and perseverance on the occasion of World Environment Day on the 5th of June 2022. The launch showcased the first edition of the unique dark mode Coffee Table Book, “Who’s Who of The World,” which was unveiled during its virtual event. This exquisite ceremony saw the presence of trailblazers from various industries who have scaled massive heights of success and have shared their passion journey.

For someone who ‘did not know what to do for a living’, the enigmatic Steven Nathenson has certainly come a long way. As an Award-winning FBI Special Agent turned Top Leadership and Executive Coach, his impact across the globe is hard to miss.

Born as one of triplets to a teacher mother, Steven learned early on how to accept others, do right by them, and value equality. When he lost her to cancer as a teen, these values became his guiding principles. “While they told me how to live, they did not tell me what to do for a living. Something I struggled with at college, as an engineer, and even as an FBI Special Agent. Not until founding my own business did I embody these principles while also living what I was truly meant to do,” he shares.

Growing up, Steven often thought there had to be something more to life than just ‘going through the motions’. Over the years, he realized this was a deep-seated need to have an impact on this world, which led him to become an FBI Special Agent. After an accomplished and decorated career, he realized becoming a coach would allow him to continue to create this impact on a wider scale, which is how the concept of ‘Strive For More’ came to be.

As the Founder and CEO of Strive For More, Steven helps leaders master their mindset to increase their focus, confidence, and performance, while motivating others to do the same. His proven training and coaching programs help leaders and their teams thrive through challenges while achieving ambitious results.

Steven Nathenson

“Disengaged employees cost their organization an estimated 34% of their annual salary while the cost of losing an employee is an estimated 33% of that employee’s annual salary. As a Coach, my work directly increases employee engagement and reduces employee turnover within organizations. Both of these metrics make organizations stronger which, in turn, makes the economy stronger,” says Steven.

He goes on to add, “To do this, I leverage my cognitive behavioral coaching approach of G.R.I.T. – Give, Recognize, Implement, Time; my communication style of The Art of Subtle Suggestion; and a proprietary 360-degree assessment instrument which measures G.R.I.T., the impact harnessing G.R.I.T. has – increasing empathy, self-awareness, leadership, and much more – and key skills such as emotional intelligence, trust, what unites teams, etc.”

At the heart of Steven’s passion is one word – impact. Impact for him, others, and the world around us. A close second to this is creating the clear, easy, and powerful means which bring about this impact: “Everything I do is aimed at fostering a world in which we treat each other respectfully, inspire each other to be great, and follow our hearts. I often imagine what our world would look like if we focused on what makes us the same – sharing in the human experience – instead of focusing on what makes us different.”

This precision and effect explain Steven’s long list of laurels. In addition to two United States patents for his work as an engineer and five awards for investigative work as an FBI Special Agent, he has been a bestselling co-author, a nationally ranked triathlete in the United States, an Ironman All World Athlete, and recognized for his academic achievements on multiple occasions.

A sought-after leader in the field of Coaching, we can’t let Steven leave without a message for our readers. Quick to oblige, he reveals, “Our mentality holds the key to our success. If we never unlock and overcome our mental hurdles, we’ll never take the actions that lead us to where we want to go as we’ve already defeated ourselves.” To know more about Steven, check https://whoswho.world/ or to nominate email, [email protected]

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