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He is my mirror: When Richard Gere said pointing at Jayesh Sheth

He is my mirror: When Richard Gere said pointing at Jayesh Sheth

Ace photographer Jayesh Sheth has worked with many celebrities, including Richard Gere, Angelina Jolie, Rekha and more

Years ago, one fine day, ace fashion photographer Jayesh Sheth got a call, asking him if he would be interested in doing a photoshoot for a Hollywood celebrity. The professional he is, Jayesh Sheth took it up as a new challenge that would help him put to use all his experience and talent. The shoot was for Richard Gere. A huge fan of the top actor himself, Sheth was a bit taken aback, as he knew he was having one of the most photographed and much spoken about celebrity in front of his camera.

To his surprise, Gere never acted like a celebrity who is not accessible. On the contrary, he was very cooperative, says Jayesh Sheth. Recalling an instance at the shooting sets, Seth tells Reba Ayaz of Digpu News in an episode that elaborated much on what Richard Gere is as an ultimate professional and great human being.

Richard Gere didn’t want a mirror when Jayesh Sheth was filming him

According to Sheth, Khalid Mohammed and Shekhar Kapoor were also present on the sets, along with Richard Gere. As he was setting up the camera for the shoot, they asked Gere to use the mirror so that he can be ready for the shoot. And then, Richard Gere said, pointing at Jayesh Sheth, “He is my mirror.” This came about as an ultimate compliment to me, Sheth recalls, while he adds that he still holds the photographs shot on that day close to his heart.

It isn’t just Richard Gere who has posed for Jayesh Sheth. He has been, and continues to be, the photographer Bollywood’s greatest stars look forward to working with. Bollywood’s most famous celebs Akshay Kumar, Rani Mukherjee, Tiger Shroff, to Tina Munim and Rekha have shot their portfolios with him. Among them Jayesh Seth has a special liking for Rekha, the beautiful actor of the yesteryears. “Rekha ji is my guru, I have learned a lot from her,” says Sheth. He believes that Rekha knows all the nuances of the camera and what all it can do. Her perfect sense of lighting, the nuances of capturing a good picture and more have surprised Sheth that he had made it a point to learn much from her.

Akshay Kumar used to work with Sheth as lightman

Akshay Kumar, before growing into a celebrity in his own right, used to work with Sheth as lightman. Later on, when Akshay wanted a portfolio shot, it was Jayesh Sheth who wielded the camera for him. Jayesh Sheth, who has won the Dada Saheb Phalke Academy’s top prize for his well spent years in the photography arena of Mumbai, has also shot and directed a few music videos that went on to be huge hits.

The first such assignment came from the famed label HMV, and had big names in the team, including poet-lyricist Gulzar and singer of repute Roop Kumar Rathod. The album titled Waada, turned out to be an instant hit. He followed it up with many more, including the immensely popular Lift Kara De, by Adnan Sami.

Adapting to change

Jayesh Seth’s heart, however, lies in photography. According to him, photography is not just a technical medium. It is a soul connecting medium. He adds that he wouldn’t consider a picture to be technically good enough, unless it connects with the soul. It is not the camera, but the man behind the camera that is significant, he stresses.

Sheth has witnessed the many changes that have happened in Bollywood over the years. He is happy about the transformation that has come in, and he adds, “Change is a must. Those who do not adapt to the changes would be left behind. Adapt to the changing technology and the thought processes, and you will see they adds to your creativity”.

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