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Passion Vista acknowledged Abhishek Lunkad’s inspiring journey as a trailblazer

Passion Vista acknowledged Abhishek Lunkad’s inspiring journey as a trailblazer

Passion Vista is proud to share the success stories of some of the most prolific and illustrious Indian leaders who have made a mark on the global front. Their charisma, diligence, multitude of virtues, powerful personality, insurmountable goodwill, and cascading influence makes them stand out from the rest. The highly anticipated “Most Admired Global Indians 2022” issue keeps in mind this ethos to present stories of such mavens who have left no stone unturned for their work to get thunderous applause worldwide. We present to you their passion journeys.

Started his schooling in Muktangan English School, Pune along with his 9 cousins, Abhishek Lunkad was the youngest of the lot and teachers knew pre-hand about him and his background. As a student, he was always inclined more towards sports and extracurricular activities. After completing his graduation from Marathawada Mitra Mandal College of Commerce, Pune. Shri Bhausaheb Jadhav sir helped him to get the best guidance that he could as he was a dear friend to his grandfather. He believes he was lucky to have been endowed with the blessings of his grandparents who played a major role in moulding his career and never asked him to be extraordinary.

The profession of tax lawyers was started by his grandfather Late Shri Advocate Hiralalji N Lunkad, he was the first advocate from his village and he laid the stepping stone of success for Lunkad Vakil. It was his vision that started a name of trust belief and client relations for decades as well. He claims that “the belief was simply that we have to help or guide the people in the matters of taxation. The time of taxation at that period was mainly known only because of Late Advocate Nani Palkhivala. His grandfather made sure that the trust of clients is never harmed and that’s the reason when I say that it’s the name of trust because almost all the clients that we have today are with us for almost 7 decades in 3 generations.”

Abhishek believes that challenges give people the ability to test their capabilities and prepare themselves for the long run. Managing these requires a strong mentality and he believes he has the support of his near and dear ones in both professional and personal space.

Business appetite for him has been the desire to learn something new and since the adaption of GST there has always been something new to learn for Tax Advocates, Chartered Accountants and Tax Practitioners. The need to learn that comes with change and thus helping the client to deal with the various situations serves as the ultimate appetite for Abhishek. This, he credits to his father and grandfather and associates with whom he is working and who taught him that a client should feel proud when they come to take consultation.

As a practicing advocate, helping his clients to overcome obstacles set by the government is the driving passion within him even though he never thought he would venture in this field due to the societal norms set by people about how one needs to be extraordinarily intelligent. COVID- 19 had a positive impact on Abhishek’s family as they got to spend some much-needed quality time together that had been missing for years due to their hectic schedule. Abhishek kept working from home and gained knowledge through various online modes available.

His biggest strength is the belief that his parents and sisters have in him no matter what the task or challenge. The push and drive help him to keepgoing on and strive further for excellence. A few of his weaknesses that he analyses are procrastinating only to burden himself at the very last moment. Awards are very important for shaping life but he remembers an instance where when the results for 12 th standard were displayed and being an average student he delivered exceptionally well due to his efforts paying off. This in turn made his grandfather so proud that it left him with tears in his eyes. “For me, I guess no other achievement could ever match the same. It was absolutely magical for me. Also, last year I received the Lex Falcon Award which is the first recognition and is very special as well as close to my heart.” To know more about Abhishek, check www.passionvista.com or to nominate email, [email protected]

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